With a presence of over 40 years of quality and reliability, K. TZANOS SA GROUP specialises in water supply, heating, gas and green energy, maintaining long-term collaborations with certified well-known European and International houses. K. TZANOS SA is operating under the umbrella of TZANOS Group of companies.


Our goal is not just to identify our customers’ special requirements and needs but to make them our business as well!






A combination of high thermal output, lower costs, energy savings and environmental protection due to lower emissions.


New technologies, such as condensing boilers that combine low emissions, high efficiency and lower costs, keep fuel oil high, still, on heating preferences.

Electrical Energy

Flexibility and a wide variety of products of modern construction. Easy installation and ergonomics.


One of the most attractive heating options in recent years, as it combines lower costs and combustion with zero carbon dioxide (CO2) balance.


All products comply with the relevant European standards and are CE certified

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