Picture of ISOPIPE Intergrated Insulation Systems

ISOPIPE Intergrated Insulation Systems

Saving Energy for a Better Planet

Nowadays, energy saving is a dominant issue, both for the protection of the environment and the renewal of energy resources, as well as for the reduction of electricity costs for consumers. Thus, choosing the right materials can make a huge difference for all of the above.

ISOPIPE specialises in Flexible Elastomeric Foam Insulation (FEF) products, an extremely popular choice for heating and domestic hot water (DHW) systems, as well as for cooling and air conditioning networks. Easy to use and featuring excellent elasticity, superior insulating properties and high condensing resistance, this technology is considered the best choice for the above applications. Visit the ISOPIPE website, www.isopipe.eu and discover a wide range of FEF insulations, based on NBR and EPDM in a wide variety of dimensions, and choose a complete thermal insulation system that perfectly suits your needs.

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