Tzanos Group of Companies

Hundreds of products, dozens of partner houses, 150 employees, 3 companies, one group, one signature. Tzanos Group of Companies specialises in heating, water supply and insulation system as well as in green energy, covering the entire process from production, marketing, and distribution to product imports and exports. Offices and warehouses are located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, and London, United Kingdom, production plant in Ritsona, Chalkida.

The group consists of the following companies:

Trading company specialised in the field of plumbing, heating, natural gas and green energy, maintaining long-term partnerships with well-known European and International houses. Our philosophy and principles are to provide complete solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the Greek market, always at a high level in terms of safety and quality standards.

Stores: Athens & Thesaloniki

ISOPIPE is a production company, specialized in the field of flexible synthetic rubber foam insulation systems for air conditioning, heating, water supply, ventilation & cooling systems, as well as in TORRENT cast iron condensing boilers, which are suitable for industrial and domestic use. The 3i S.A. is one of the 5 companies in Europe, offering fully vertical insulation production.

Stores: Headquarters: in Metamorfosi, Attica, Ritsona factory in Chalkida, and 2 stores in Madrid & Barcelona, Spain

The company operates in the field of sales promotion of all ISOPIPE & TORRENT production. Tested and used successfully in more than 40 countries worldwide, every product delivered top-notch performance and outstanding tolerance properties.

Stores: Headquarters in Metamorfosi, Attica, and London, UK.

All TZANOS Group products are CE certified.

The quality excellence of the products, the after sales service, the respect for the customers needs combined with continuous research and learning regarding new products and prduction methods, have placed TZANOS Group amongst the leading companies in the field.