Picture of ISOSOL Pre-Insulated Pipes

ISOSOL Pre-Insulated Pipes

The modern solution torwards time and money savings

ISOSOL Pre-Insulated Pipes: The high quality and wide range of our bare pipes combined with ISOPIPE S.A.'s expertise in closed-cell synthetic rubber elastomeric foam, offer an ergonomic and highly functional product, ISOSOL Pre - Insulated Pipes.

Product Features

Hose TypeFlexible, closed-cell elastomeric synthetic rubber foam NBR or EPDM insulation with white protection coating

Hose MaterialINOX, Polyethelene PE-RT, 5 PE layers, Multi-layered PET-AL-PERT pipes

Temperature Tolerance(°C)Insulation: up to +150˚C Pipes: up to +100˚C

Operation Pressureup to 20 bar (pipes)


  • Lightweight, resistant and flexible
  • Easy to transport and install in any industrial or domestic application
  • Meets all the standards for sustainable construction
  • It is marked at meter intervals enabling the technician to cut and use the exact amount of material needed
  • It helps in saving working time to every professional during installation
  • It makes installation easier, as there is no need to measure, cut, join and glue


Plumbing & Water Supply Systems
Air Conditioning
Solar Energy

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