Picture of HALCOR: Copper Pipes

HALCOR: Copper Pipes

Hellenic Copper Industry

Halcor is a high-tech industry specialising in manufacturing and trading of copper products and copper alloys, holding a prime position in the European and global market.

Its product and service quality is certified by multiple international bodies.

Product Features

Hose Type4m pipes and coils which come in a variety of dimansions

Hose MaterialHigh purity copper


  • Easy and affordable installation, reliable and safe operation
  • High pressure and temperature tolerance
  • They are completely waterproof and retain their natural and mechanical properties unaltered over time
  • They are stable and self-supporting
  • Easy cold bending
  • Less required fittings
  • Easier network configuration
  • Faster installation and performance
  • Overall lower installation costs


Plumbing Plumbing
Heating Heating
 Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
 Cooling Cooling
Gas Gas
 Internal Gas Installations Internal Gas Installations
Fire Extinguising systems Fire Extinguising systems
Solar Solar
Industrial Networks Industrial Networks
Underfloor Heating and Cooling Underfloor Heating and Cooling
 Fittings Fittings

Heating, cooling & air conditioning

Cooling Cooling
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
Fittings Fittings

Renewable Energy Sources

Solar System Networks Solar System Networks
Geothermal Heating & Cooling Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Architectural applications

Architectural applications Architectural applications

Industrial use

Industrial, electrical and electronic applications Industrial, electrical and electronic applications