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Wall-Mounted Units

Wall-mounted boilers are environment-friendly, combining high efficiency and low consumption. At K. TZANOS SA we provide an excellent series of A-Class wall-mounted units, covering heating and hot water supply demands. Offering top performance, modern design, and features such as quiet operation as well as digital control panel installation, wall-mounted units are an excellent, ergonomic, and elegant choice for any space. Each unit is certified, covering all the relevant EU regulations and directives.

TERMODINAMIK: Electrical Wall-Mounted Units

The ideal solution for for independent heating and hot water for domestic use!

The TERMODINAMIK Electrical Wall-Mounted Units are an ideal solution for independent heating and hot water for domestic use. Two models are available:

EK, without domestic hot water supply (DHW)

DEK with domestic hot water supply (DHW)

ranging from 6 to 36kW. They are environment-friendly and bear appropriate certifications. Fully compatible lfor low-voltage (LVD) operation as per Directive 2006/95 / EC. Also, they feature gradual resistor operation for reduced electricity costs.


Savio: Wall-Mounted Condensing Boilers

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With great experience in boiler manufacturing, Savio focuses on a environment-friendly designing process and energy labelling of the Savio condensing boilers, according to the EU 20-2020.

The new Italian Savio wall-mounted condensing boilers operate according to new standards (Energy Class A, as per ErP), thus complying with all new European directives and regulations.

All Savio products, apart from their environment-friendly properties assisting effectively in the protection of the environment, significantly reduce heating costs for the consumer. Condensing technology takes full advantage of the exhaust gas temperature to preheat the return water. Energy recovery caused by condensing of exhaust water steam leads to reduced gas consumption, lower emissions of harmful substances to the environment and reduced noise.

We offer four models: ACTADENS, INOXDENS HE, EVODENS HE & FuturaDue HP for cascade systems, all providing excellent performance thanks to the new, innovative heat exchanger designed for long-lasting high efficiency. They feature a user-friendly digital panel.