Picture of Various Solder Products

Various Solder Products

Kraft Flux Paste

Deoxidizing, water soluble, in the form of a viscous liquid applied with a brush. Absolutely harmless, simplifies the work, helps to clean the copper and achieve excellent welding. Effective yet non-corrosive.

Absolutely harmless, simplifies any welding work, and cleans effectively the surfaces.

Acts in two phases:

a) In the first phase of oxidation, some of the components are activated at a temperature of + 110°C and destroyed at a temperature of + 180°C (charring). As a result, corrosive components are eliminated and their residues are easily removed.

b) During second phase, the welding phase, the special components are activated at a temperature of + 180°C and due to their high strength, they reach a temperature of + 350°C, a fact that guarantees easy and fast welding.

Kraft Flux Paste is by DIN 8511-F-SW22.

Suitable for forming copper systems and all tin solders.

NOVASIL Silicone

The general purpose NOVASIL silicone is an anti-mold, high quality silicone suitable for sealing joints in non-leachy materials, showing excellent durability.

Available in transparent, white and black.

Suitable for supporting sanitary ware, preventing growth of fungi, waterproofing, joint filling, elastic welding. Can be used in applications using inhomogeneous materials (wood, metal, glass, etc.) as well.

Note: In the event of an error, the silicone must be removed quickly using an alcohol swab.

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Picture of Various Solder Products
Picture of Various Solder Products