Picture of TORRENT: Cast Iron Boilers

TORRENT: Cast Iron Boilers

The new generation of the TORRENT cast iron boilers comply with the most recent regulations with regards to the use of oil and gas providing energy saving and high efficiency. The efficiency of a boiler is particularly important for reducing consumption and saving energy. TORRENT boilers are suitable both for new installations and for improving / upgrading existing ones.

The new generation of TORRENT cast iron boilers are available in two types, the Condensing and Eco, Class A and B, and a wide range of models, covering any demand.

TORRENT Condensing

with a range from 20kW to 450kW, comes in four different models, Sun, Galaxy, Matrix & Star.


with a range from 24kW to 1400kW, comes in five different models: Sun, Galaxy, Matrix, Star & Megastar.


  • Maximum fuel saving, protecting the environment
  • Certification according to ErP 2015
  • Rated output exceeding 140% and 97%, Class A and B respectively
  • High Performance and a stable, reliable solution that lasts a lifetime
  • All models are suitable for use with fuel oil or gas
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Made in Greece
  • Warranty: 10 years

Technical Information

GG20 quality cast iron boiler (body) according to DIN 1691 and three complete exhaust gas routes in every element

Fins, their design increases heat exchange surface when operating in low temperatures

The combustion chamber door can open both left and right, to facilitate access for cleaning and maintenance

Resistance to thermal shock and extremely high resistance to mechanical stress

Excellent thermal insulation with ceramic blanket, between 50mm and 90 mm, ensuring lower heat loss to the environment and increasing at the same time boiler efficiency

Control Panels

New generation TORRENT boilers offer a wide selection of control panels, which ensure full control and safe operation, depending on the needs of every heating installation.

Control panels are certified according to ΕΝ 60730-1:1993 and ΕΝ 60730-2-1:1989 European specifications. They are available in four models: One-stage control panel, Two-stage control panel, Comfort Control Panel and Super Comfort Control Panel.


TORRENT Condensing boilers must be accompanied by a heat exchanger. We provide the most suitable heat exchangers for all models:

INOX K-Energy 316L Exchanger

made entirely from stainless steel. Warranty: 3 years

TORRENT Glass Exchanger

with DURAN Borosilicate glass pipes. Warranty: 5 years warranty

INOX Totaleco 316L Exchanger

made of stainless steel-chrome-nickel-molybdenum alloy, showing excellent corrosion resistance. Warranty: 3 years


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