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Tools - Scissors

Challenging tasks now become easy; our wide range of high-performance tools includes everything you need for complete and reliable applications. Quality and high-tech manufacturing ensure high performance and long life.

KLAUKE German Pressing Tools

KLAUKE was founded in 1879 in Remscheid, Germany, and is specialised and trading materials and tools for industrial use. With 60 distribution points worldwide, the company has more than 500 employees, thus managing to always be a partner to every professional.


Bänninger >B< Oyster

>B< Oyster is an innovative fitting used to connect and seal pipes, also providing the ability to connect to various types of fittings such as spherical taps. Its innovation is that the sealing is achieved through the double EPDM O-Rings that simultaneously achieve pipe sealing as well as sealing of the joints between the fittings, without the need for additional sealing method, such as Teflon tape. The >B< Oyster Fittings are available from Ø15mm to Ø28mm.


P.P.R. Insertion Tools

We offer Polypropylene P.P.R. by HP TREND & ROTHENBERGER, which facilitate installation and are essential for any professional handling fittings and P.P.R piping.

Our range includes welding machines and adapters for pipes from Ø16mm to Ø75mm, as well as scissors for diameters up to Ø75mm, necessary for precise cutting.