Picture of TERMODINAMIK: Electrical Wall-Mounted Units

TERMODINAMIK: Electrical Wall-Mounted Units

The ideal solution for for independent heating and hot water for domestic use!

The TERMODINAMIK Electrical Wall-Mounted Units are an ideal solution for independent heating and hot water for domestic use. Two models are available:

EK, without domestic hot water supply (DHW)

DEK with domestic hot water supply (DHW)

ranging from 6 to 36kW. They are environment-friendly and bear appropriate certifications. Fully compatible lfor low-voltage (LVD) operation as per Directive 2006/95 / EC. Also, they feature gradual resistor operation for reduced electricity costs.


  • Safe and silent mode
  • Automatic interruption of power supply, in case of hydraulic circuit pressure disorder or leakage current
  • Daily rescheduling selection for your convenience
  • Temperature adjustment according to preference
  • Digital display indicators
  • Small in size for easy installation and space-saving
  • Evironment-friendly

Technical Information

Thermal Output: from 6 to 36

Dimansions: 723x427x354mm (HxLxW)

Warranty: 20 years


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