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Solders - Tapes

Enjoying long-term cooperations with some of the paramount companies in the welding business, we make sure to supply every professional with the most innovative products in the market. At K. TZANNOS SA we offer a complete range of environment-friendly solders and tapes, manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, always respecting at the same time the health of the installer and the environment. Suitable for a wide range of demanding applications, they ensure excellent bonding and high durability. All solders are accompanied by certificates of suitability.

ISOPIPE Tapes & Glues

Perfect solutions for perfect results!

ISOPIPE offers integrated solutions to installers, including welding materials, tapes and special insulation covers, suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Our range includes:

  • ISOTAPE insulating tapes with closed-cell structure and antimicrobial protection, UV protection and covers, available in Gray, Black and White color as well as wide PVC tapes.
  • Special ISOCOVER covers to protect insulation from UV radiation and mechanical stress, ideal for small workplaces and already installed networks.
  • ISOGLUE glues, fully compatible with ISOPIPE insulation, for strong and homogeneous welding. Available without toluene (toluene free). Temperature range up to + 150°C.
  • For more information, please visit the ISOPIPE website https://www.isopipe.eu/en/accessories

Stannol Solders

Respecting the health of every professional since 1879

The German company STANNOL has been a leader in the welding business since 1879. One of the largest chemical factories, it offers quality as well as practical and innovative products, manufactured to high quality standards and certified according to ISO / DIN 9001. All alloys used for production are made of primary materials that follow the European standards EN 29453. Thus, their excellent properties such as maximum mechanical strength and excellent welding, are ensured.

It is worth noting that STANNOL solders are the only ones bearing the ECOLOY mark thus being the most suitable for drinking water, as they are lead, nickel and cadmium free.

All solders are accompanied by the necessary Certificates of Conformity.

All guaranteed ecological STANNOL come in coils of up to 400 grams.



KEFREN PVC is a thick glue, designed for bonding rigid U-PVC pipes and fittings. It is made in Europe and fully complies with the requirements under 89/106 / EEC. It is Tetrahydrofuran - THF (C4H8O) free, making it the safest choice for any installer.

KEFREN PVC glues are ideal for high-maintenance industrial applications and suitable to use in any PVC pipe system.

Available in:

PVC Glue with brush: 250ml,500ml, 1ltr

PVC Glue Tube: 125ml


DELVA-LOT: Copper Rod & Powder Flux

DELVA-LOT Copper Rod

DELVA-LOT Rod is manufactured in Europe from high purity copper (92.7%) and Phosphorus (7.3%) according to DIN 8513 thus being the most popular amongst installers.

Production involves a special process and high density (8.1g / cm³), in order to foam less than the common welds, making the installer's work easier and more efficient.

Its application temperature is about + 720 ° C and its tensile strength is at 250N / mm².

Available in a set case - 1kg package in 3.2x1.27x500mm rods.

Suitable for high pressure and superheated steam systems, cooling units, natural gas, industry and shipbuilding.

DELVA-LOT Powder Flux

When using copper welding and generally hard welding to join copper with bronze or brass, it is necessary to clean the surfaces with a strong desiccant material. Usually a natural mineral, commonly known as sodium borate or (borax) is used in the form of white powder.

DELVA-LOT Borax, is available in containers of 100gr. The range of application temperatures is from 450˚C to + 800˚C according to DIN EN 1045 FH10. To use with CuP, CuP Ag, Ag welding alloys.


Various Solder Products

Kraft Flux Paste

Deoxidizing, water soluble, in the form of a viscous liquid applied with a brush. Absolutely harmless, simplifies the work, helps to clean the copper and achieve excellent welding. Effective yet non-corrosive.

Absolutely harmless, simplifies any welding work, and cleans effectively the surfaces.

Acts in two phases:

a) In the first phase of oxidation, some of the components are activated at a temperature of + 110°C and destroyed at a temperature of + 180°C (charring). As a result, corrosive components are eliminated and their residues are easily removed.

b) During second phase, the welding phase, the special components are activated at a temperature of + 180°C and due to their high strength, they reach a temperature of + 350°C, a fact that guarantees easy and fast welding.

Kraft Flux Paste is by DIN 8511-F-SW22.

Suitable for forming copper systems and all tin solders.

NOVASIL Silicone

The general purpose NOVASIL silicone is an anti-mold, high quality silicone suitable for sealing joints in non-leachy materials, showing excellent durability.

Available in transparent, white and black.

Suitable for supporting sanitary ware, preventing growth of fungi, waterproofing, joint filling, elastic welding. Can be used in applications using inhomogeneous materials (wood, metal, glass, etc.) as well.

Note: In the event of an error, the silicone must be removed quickly using an alcohol swab.



PTFE tapes of H-IT guaratee sealing on any thread. The tapes are suitable for all types of fittings.

PTFE tapes are available in:

H-IT PTFE TAPE: suitable for water installations offering excellent waterproofing.

H-IT PTFE TAPE (GAS): suitable for water and gas installations, as well as for hot and/or cold water, with a temperature range from +190°C to +260°C and high density.



Providing with a very hot flame, the ROTHENBERGER MAPP GAS Bottle is ideal for welding and silver welding work on pipes. With a flame temperature of up to + 1660°C, it offers optimal combustion efficiency and shorter working times, facilitating the professional in HVAC & R installations. It is suitable for soft and hard gluing up to 42mm.

The TURBO JET propane torch features a rotating nozzle of up to 360° with a diameter of 14mm. It is an essential accessory for the MAPP Gas cylinder. It is suitable for both soft and hard welding of up to 42mm, with a flame temperature of 1660°C and gas consumption 295gr / h. Designed for easy nozzle and beck replacement.