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Electrical Energy

No one could possibly imagine modern life without electricity. Its history begins in the 19th century and its appearance actually launched the second Industrial Revolution, a time when conditions of production radically changed.

The first 746 kW power plant operated in England in 1881. Electricity arrived in Greece in 1889 and in 1950 the Public Power Corporation (PPC) was established.

The applications in our daily life are endless. From medicine and industry, to simple daily needs, such as food preservation, cooling and night lighting, electricity is now considered necessary and directly affects our lives. An everyday need powered by electricity is heating; this is considered an ideal solution for any space. It is an excellent low-cost alternative to buy, install, use and maintain.

TERMODINAMIK: Electrical Wall-Mounted Units

The ideal solution for for independent heating and hot water for domestic use!

The TERMODINAMIK Electrical Wall-Mounted Units are an ideal solution for independent heating and hot water for domestic use. Two models are available:

EK, without domestic hot water supply (DHW)

DEK with domestic hot water supply (DHW)

ranging from 6 to 36kW. They are environment-friendly and bear appropriate certifications. Fully compatible lfor low-voltage (LVD) operation as per Directive 2006/95 / EC. Also, they feature gradual resistor operation for reduced electricity costs.