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The quality of every installation is affected by the materials that make up the entire system. K. TZANOS SA offers a full range of certified fittings of excellent quality from copper, bronze and alloy CW617N brass with a high content in copper and polyethylene, all suitable for water supply, drinking water, gas and cooling systems.

The fittings come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are suitable for connecting copper, steel, stainless steel, polyethylene and multi-layer pipes.

The fittings stand out for the impeccable finishes inside and out as well as for the absolute resistance to corrosion. They also offer complete waterproofing, resistance to heat sealing and seawater. They have an unlimited lifespan

Conex|Bänninger Fittings

110 Years of Innovation

Since 1909, IBP (International Building Products) - Conex | Bänninger specialises in designing and manufacturing innovative, certified fittings, with special molds, thus providing a wide range of products: copper, bronze & brass (DZR), welded, pressed & compression fittings, suitable for water supply, drinking water, natural gas, heating, cooling and air conditioning systems, providing an excellent choice for industrial and urban installations.


H-IT Fittings

The H-IT trademark is registered under TZANOS Group of Companies. It was created with the aim of producing high quality products at affordable prices, for water supply and heating systems. TZANOS Group of Companies has invested in its own moulds from high quality joint venture production, providing Full Quality Assurance. Products are randomly checked.

H-IT fittings are made from CW617N alloy according to EN 12165 and EN 12164/5. Threads are manufactured to ISO 7


HP TREND P.P.R. Fittings

Coming in all forms (sockets, elbows, tees, reducers, caps, etc.), these fittings are made for all types of piping at the highest operating pressure PN 20. Another key reason why the company chose to design and produce PN 20 fittings is the fact that high thickness (PN 20) allows the maximum best internal geometry of the fittings, thus reducing the value of hydraulic losses and significantly improving system flow. Also, this range features P.P.R. fittings with brass nickel-plated thread (male-female adaptors, male-female elbows with or without support, male-female tees).