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H-IT Mixers

Luxurious, functional & smart design for any space

Discover a wide range of kitchen and bathroom mixers and taps, made to strict standards for clean, drinking water and maximum economy. With emphasis on quality and design, the collection includes modern and classic unique designs, ideal for every style and taste, which you can adapt to your personal aesthetic and your daily needs.

Our collection fully reflects the excellent choice of materials and modern production methods. Functionality and design are perfectly combined, creating a harmonious environment for the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams. Also, the composition of the alloy contains the smallest possible amount of lead, making each model completely safe.

All mixers and taps, made of 100% brass, are CE certified and have a 5-year warranty on the cartridge, as well as a 1-year warranty on exterior surfaces.

Elegance Line

Fine design lines and smooth curves define the products of this series. The four (4) mixer models are suitable mainly for your bathroom. Extremely easy to use, they can be installed very easily and turn your bathroom into a modern, elegant space.

Slim Line

The Slim Line series combines design and practicality. Available in five (5) mixing models, suitable for your bathroom and kitchen. Ideal for those who prefer clean, geometric lines and want to add a modern and at the same time timeless note to their home.

Slim Inox

If a combination of durability, hygiene and elegance is what you are looking for, opt for one of the stainless steel faucets of the Slim Inox line. These faucets are ideal for both your bathroom and your kitchen and they are available in five (5) mixing models. Made of stainless steel, they are of excellent manufacturing.

Style Line

Combination of high-tech and aesthetically satisfying features. The Style Line series is practical and has a simple, elegant design. Easy to use and install, all mixers are a smart, beautiful and an absolutely quality solution for your space.

Standard Line

Extremely practical, the Standard Line models are a proof that functionality can be perfectly combined with modern design. Easy to install and operate, all seven (7) mixer models are made of high quality materials and are suitable for both the bathroom and the kitchen. Excellent value for money.

Daily Line

With unique design features, such as a modern handle and circular knobs, as well as balanced proportions, the Daily Line models combine discreet elegance, functionality and distinctive style. Suitable for every bathroom and kitchen, the five (5) mixers of the series are easily installed and offer unparalleled performance and timeless elegance.

Basic Line

The Basic Line mixer range is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to combine low cost and good quality. Simple and practical, the five (5) brass mixers the series are easy to set and designed to fit any type of installation.

Handy Line

Suitable for the bathroom, the brass models of the Handy Line series can be placed easily and effortlessly in sinks and bathtubs of all kinds. With a simple and timeless design, they blend harmoniously with all decoration styles, perfectly satisfying every taste. They combine quality and affordable prices.

Luna Line

Simplicity, affordability and functionality are some of the features of the Luna Line series. This is a series of low cost mixers from ZAMAC, featuring an elegant, minimal design. They are suitable for both your bathroom and your kitchen. They are easy to install, extremely practical and stand out for their elegant, curved lines.

Premium Story

With a classic design that has stood the test of time, the Premium Story series is suitable for both bathroom and kitchen. The ergonomic shape makes it ideal for small sinks, as well as for old type sinks. Always focusing on quality, the models of this series are made of brass and are extremely durable.

Antique Line

If you are a fan of that vintage feeling, you will surely know that it is impossible to imagine the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams without mixers in this characteristic vintage style. All five (5) models of the Antique Line series have a retro design of unique aesthetics, offering a note of nostalgia and discreet elegance in your space, always combined with absolute functionality.

Memory Line

Timeless reliability is a feature identifies of the Memory Line series. The five (5) models feature elegant handles in the shape of a hexagon and are easy to install. The classic design makes them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens of all types.

Story Line

The Story Line, one of the most popular ranges in older constructions, features taps with two handles for hot and cold water. With a wide range of products from ZAMAC, you will definitely find something at extremely affordable prices that will suit your space.

Technical Information

Water Supply: 22 lt/ min (with 3 bar pressure)

Min. Flow Pressure: 0.5 bar

Max. Flow Pressure: 10 bar

Suggested Flow Pressure: 1 - 5 bar

Ideal Flow Pressure: 3 bar

Max. Water Temperature: +70˚C

Ideal Water Temperature: from +50˚C to +60˚C

Mechanism: Sedal/ Wanhai

The Cartridges are Noiseless, with Ceramic Disk & with Internal Aerator.


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