Picture of MAKTEK: Steel Panel Radiators

MAKTEK: Steel Panel Radiators

Modern design and excellent manufacturing

With an experience of 40 years in the heating industry, MAKTEK is one of the largest radiator manufacturers in Turkey, offering a wide range of radiators trusted by professionals all over the world.

Maktek Radiators are distinguished by curvy finishing. Maktek radiators include blanks, air vents, suspension brackets, vent key, (wood) screws and Upat.

Available in PANEL type radiators, VENTIL PANEL radiators (built-in loop) and FLAT PANEL radiators (with smooth surface).


  • Manufactured from ST12-03 steel, featuring a sheet thickness of at least 1.15mm according to European standard EN 130. \ Output 1/2''
  • Output 1/2''
  • Test Pressure: 10 bar
  • Dense meander glued along the panel and on wet plate surfaces, resulting in optimal distribution of heat in the room
  • Can work at a 7-bar endurance pressure, and at +120°C maximum working temperature.
  • Available in white RAL 9010 colour shade and in a wide range of dimensions - lengths from 400-2600mm and heights 500-900 mm - covering every practical, aesthetic and comfort needs of any space
  • Warranty: 10 years


The MAKTEK Panel radiators are suitable for both single-pipe and two-pipe installations, using the appropriate switch. They have 4 outputs on the side (2 on each side), so they can be connected to the switch either from right or left.

Available in legths of 400-2600 mm and heights of 500-900 mm.


VENTIL Steel Panel Radiators

MAKTEK VENTIL radiators (6 connections) do not require the use of external brass loop. The connection switch is placed discreetly under the radiator, thus enhancing the aesthetic of the place. Space-saving properties are also a plus, as a larger radiator can be installed in a smaller space (e.g. in a niche).

Available in lengths from 400-2000 mm and heights 500-900 mm.

VENTIL Steel Panel Radiators


The Maktek Flat series radiators features a modern smooth surface design with rounded edges. Flat radiators are made by adding an extra surface to the front of the unit and they are avaibale with 4 and 6 connections. Combining excellent manufacturing with a sophisticated design, FLAT Panels add a touch of elegance and improve the ergonomics of any space.

Available in FLAT PANEL and VENTIL FLAT PANEL (built-in loop) in lengths from 400 to 2600 mm. Heights range from 500, 600 & 900 mm.



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