Picture of KEFREN PVC Glues


KEFREN PVC is a thick glue, designed for bonding rigid U-PVC pipes and fittings. It is made in Europe and fully complies with the requirements under 89/106 / EEC. It is Tetrahydrofuran - THF (C4H8O) free, making it the safest choice for any installer.

KEFREN PVC glues are ideal for high-maintenance industrial applications and suitable to use in any PVC pipe system.

Available in:

PVC Glue with brush: 250ml,500ml, 1ltr

PVC Glue Tube: 125ml


  • Extremely high endurance
  • Tetrahydrofuran - THF (C4H8O) free
  • Resistance to shear stress of pressure pipes, e.g. drinking water and gas pipes
  • Mild drying speed, allowing small corrections during application
  • Ready to use
  • Not altered

Technical Information

THF free

Storage temperature: from +5°C to +40°C

Shelf life: 24 months


Πόσιμο Νερό Drinking Water
Εφαρμογές Ύδρευσης Plumbing & Water Supply Systems
Εφαρμογές Άρδευσης Irrigation
Αποχέτευσης Sewerage
Εσωτερικά Δίκτυα Φυσικού Αερίου Industrial Piping
Θαλασσινό Νερό Industrial Piping
Ενυδρείων Aquariums
Spa και πισίνων Spa and swimming pools


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