Picture of ISOPIPE Tapes & Glues

ISOPIPE Tapes & Glues

Perfect solutions for perfect results!

ISOPIPE offers integrated solutions to installers, including welding materials, tapes and special insulation covers, suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Our range includes:

  • ISOTAPE insulating tapes with closed-cell structure and antimicrobial protection, UV protection and covers, available in Gray, Black and White color as well as wide PVC tapes.
  • Special ISOCOVER covers to protect insulation from UV radiation and mechanical stress, ideal for small workplaces and already installed networks.
  • ISOGLUE glues, fully compatible with ISOPIPE insulation, for strong and homogeneous welding. Available without toluene (toluene free). Temperature range up to + 150°C.
  • For more information, please visit the ISOPIPE website https://www.isopipe.eu/en/accessories


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