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High Standard Boilers

At K. TZANOS SA we proudly offer a wide variety of cast iron and steel boilers for gas, oil, electricity, and biomass of up to 1,000,000 kcal, A Class, covering every need for heating and hot water supply. Suitable for any demand, boilers are ideal for both domestic and professional use. Thanks to the excellent design they are easy to install in the most demanding spaces. They are also environment-friendly combining high efficiency as well as energy and money saving, thus ensuring comfort, convenience, and maximum affordability. All boilers are CE certified and have been tested in accordance with international standards and relevant European regulations.

TORRENT: Cast Iron Boilers

The new generation of the TORRENT cast iron boilers comply with the most recent regulations with regards to the use of oil and gas providing energy saving and high efficiency. The efficiency of a boiler is particularly important for reducing consumption and saving energy. TORRENT boilers are suitable both for new installations and for improving / upgrading existing ones.

The new generation of TORRENT cast iron boilers are available in two types, the Condensing and Eco, Class A and B, and a wide range of models, covering any demand.

TORRENT Condensing

with a range from 20kW to 450kW, comes in four different models, Sun, Galaxy, Matrix & Star.


with a range from 24kW to 1400kW, comes in five different models: Sun, Galaxy, Matrix, Star & Megastar.


Κ•energy Steel Boilers - Class A

Maximum Efficiency and Silent Operation

K•energy Steel Boilers are made of excellent materials, from 4-12mm steel plates and Mannesmann steel tubes, seamless (tubo) or with an invisible seam. They are three-route exhaust, with a cylindrical combustion chamber, and operate with any oil or gas burner. They ensure efficient heat extraction throughout operation. Pollutants produced are very low, making K•energy Steel boilers an environment-friendly solution.

K•energy steel boilers feature an innovative curve-shaped smoke chamber, which assists in drastic noise reduction.


Κ•energy Fully Equipped Heating Units

The Fully Equipped Heating Units are a complete boiler room, providing solutions in limited spaces with a need of 30,000 Kcal/h.

They are manufactured from excellent materials, from 4mm steel sheets and Mannesmann steel pipe, without seam or with invisible seam. Available only for replacement.

K•energy fully equipped unit includes:

Steel boiler with 4 mm sheet and mannesmann steel pipes

Complete control panel

Weizer fuel oil burner of German technology

3-level circulation pump

Expansion tank

Safety valve

Air vent adaptor

A 50 mm-thermal glass-wool insulation


TORRENT: Solid Fuel Boilers

Low cost heating and high efficienct

TORRENT Solid Fuel Boilers are suitable for biomass use. High quality manufacturing and smart design offer maximum efficiency as well easy operation and maintenance. The TORRENT solid fuel boiler series includes wood-coal boilers, cast iron and steel boilers, as well as boilers with silo for pellets, shells, core, etc.


Κ•energy Boilers

Constant and fast hot water supply anytime!

Suitable for heating as well as for domestic hot water (DHW) production and storage, K·energy boilers are manufactured entirely in Greece. They can be connected to boilers, biomass systems, heat pumps and solar systems. Available in a wide range of models from 150lt to 5000lt


Gitral: Expansion Vessels

Gitral industry, based in Auvergne, France, has been a leader for the last 50 years in manufacturing vessels for heating and cold water, providing high efficiency and quality products.

The company features a complete range of tanks from 8 to 1000 lt, offering the possibility of installation for various applications (heating and / or drinking water systems, construction, industrial units, pressure tanks and fire extinguishing systems). Vessels are manufactured in accordance with the European standards 2014/68 / EU for pressure devices, while at the same time they fully comply with Directive 97/23 / CE.

All GITRAL vessels are subject to sampling control during which a hydraulic test on high pressures is performed; this increases mechanical properties and ensures reliability of the products.

The series include vessels in red colour, as well as blue vessels for drinking water applications and expansion vessels in white for solar systems.


Wall-Mounted Units

Wall-mounted boilers are environment-friendly, combining high efficiency and low consumption. At K. TZANOS SA we provide an excellent series of A-Class wall-mounted units, covering heating and hot water supply demands. Offering top performance, modern design, and features such as quiet operation as well as digital control panel installation, wall-mounted units are an excellent, ergonomic, and elegant choice for any space. Each unit is certified, covering all the relevant EU regulations and directives.