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High Quality Panel Radiators

Combining excellent manufacturing and elegant, modern design, steel radiators available at K. TZANOS SA stand out for top quality. They are made of steel and they are functional, as they are the most suitable for all two-pipe and single-pipe heating systems. Available in a wide range of dimensions covering any demand. High manufacturing standards guarantee excellent performance and long life. All units are made according to international and European standards and they are CE certified.

Κ•energy: Steel Panel Radiators

High performance, elegance, energy efficiency

When it comes to Κ•energy steel panel radiators, it is our great experience combined with modern technology that brought to you a unique heating product with excellent technical and design characteristics.

Responding on the spot, the K·energy panels diffuse the heat evenly in space offering at the same time a sense of warmth. They are the most suitable units for all two-pipe or single-pipe heating systems. High-quality manufacturing guarantees an unlimited service life.

All K·energy panels are manufactured according to European standards and certified to TSE, EN 442 and CE. Production stage is certified to ISO 9001, from development to the market.


MAKTEK: Steel Panel Radiators

Modern design and excellent manufacturing

With an experience of 40 years in the heating industry, MAKTEK is one of the largest radiator manufacturers in Turkey, offering a wide range of radiators trusted by professionals all over the world.

Maktek Radiators are distinguished by curvy finishing. Maktek radiators include blanks, air vents, suspension brackets, vent key, (wood) screws and Upat.

Available in PANEL type radiators, VENTIL PANEL radiators (built-in loop) and FLAT PANEL radiators (with smooth surface).