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H-IT Clamps

Taking into account the different needs of each installation, at K. TZANOS SA we provide a wide range of support, for integrated solutions in any type of application.

Among other things, here you will find clamps in various sizes, suitable for supporting copper, iron and plastic pipes. With easy locking techniques, and resistance to high temperatures, they facillitate any installation process.

Clamps are manufactured to DIN 4109. They feature EPDM rubber, with an application temperature that ranges from -80°C to +130°C. They are certified to DIN 4102.

The clamps we distribute in the Greek market come in a wide range of types and dimensions to cover the most demanding requirements.


  • They cover a wide range of applications and are suitable for almost all types of pipes, including copper, iron and plastic pipes.
  • They feature EPDM rubber, with an application temperature range from -80˚C to + 130˚C, which prevents corrosion amongst the different metals as well as pipe damage.
  • Most of them include a plastic red washer, so that the screw is held during installation.


ISOCLAMPS are mainly used to avoid insulation gaps, as well as to reduce the possibility of creating thermal bridging during the insulated pipe support process in heating - cooling installations. This product is recommended for applications of temperatures between -45°C and +105°C. Material used: Polyurethane (PU) foam with synthetic rubber insulation on both sides and PVC coating, with adhesive tape. For more information visit the ISOPIPE website using following link.

BT Pipe Clamps with Solid Rubber

Clamps with solid rubber that come with or without integrated wood screw of 7 and 10cm. Available in diameters from Ø18 to Ø90. Used in outdoor installations, mainly gas, where the rubber prevents corrosion on the clamp.

Pipe Clamps with Nut, with or without Rubber & Pipe Clamps

with 2 available thread types M8-M10, with or without Rubber: Clamp without or with detachable rubber and with a M8 wood screw and M8-M10 double wood screw. Available in diameters from Ø15 to Ø225. They feature a plastic washer, so that they hold the screw properly during installation.

Pipe Clamps with Nut or Wood Screw Clamps 70mm or 100 mm, with or without Rubber

Clamps without rubber as well as with detachable rubber and wood screw of 70 or 100 mm. The main use is for supporting plastic and iron pipes, from Ø18 to Ø125

Copper Clamps I & II

Single or double copper clamps with or without rubber. Diameters range from Ø15 to Ø54, exclusively for copper pipe. Compatible screws are included.

Plastic Clamps "BUTTON" I & II

Single or double (button) plastic clamps for copper pipe. Diameters range from Ø12 to Ø35. Compatible screws are included.


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Plumbing & Water Supply Systems Plumbing & Water Supply Systems
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Cooling Cooling
Underfloor Heating Underfloor Heating
Industrial Use Industrial Use
Solar Systems Solar Systems
Gas Distribution Networks Gas Distribution Networks
Irrigation Irrigation


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