Aiming High

Our goal at K. TZANOS SA is to become the first company in the Greek market to offer excellent products accompanied with the best service, developing at the same time the maximum value for the customer. Our continuous commitment to our values and to the triptych: Guarantee, Quality, Reliability, as well as the distribution of high-performance fittings and a complete range of products in the Greek Market, are the decisive factors that led K. TZANOS SA to this advantageous position that it is today.


  • Providing high quality products and services at affordable prices
  • Improvement of our technical infrastructure and support of its products
  • Continuous monitoring of any development in the field, ensuring faster response to the needs of the customers
  • Increasing productivity
  • Strengthening employee and management relationships
  • Friendly and top-notch service
  • Continuous integration of IT tools that will contribute to the organization of the company in terms of good service
  • Enhancing environmental awareness

Dynamic customer service, sales & technical departments

Exclusive collaborations with certified international houses

Certified products at affordable prices

Immediate product availability of over 95%

Our values are Guarantee, Quality, Reliability and Teamwork. We guarantee that all our products are CE certified and meet International standards, offering excellent quality. Reliability as we support our partners in their effort to achieve their goals and fulfill their needs through Teamwork and eficient communication.