Picture of Gitral: Expansion Vessels

Gitral: Expansion Vessels

Gitral industry, based in Auvergne, France, has been a leader for the last 50 years in manufacturing vessels for heating and cold water, providing high efficiency and quality products.

The company features a complete range of tanks from 8 to 1000 lt, offering the possibility of installation for various applications (heating and / or drinking water systems, construction, industrial units, pressure tanks and fire extinguishing systems). Vessels are manufactured in accordance with the European standards 2014/68 / EU for pressure devices, while at the same time they fully comply with Directive 97/23 / CE.

All GITRAL vessels are subject to sampling control during which a hydraulic test on high pressures is performed; this increases mechanical properties and ensures reliability of the products.

The series include vessels in red colour, as well as blue vessels for drinking water applications and expansion vessels in white for solar systems.


  • Smooth expansion absorption in any closed hydraulic circuit
  • Wide range of dimensions to meet the needs of any system

Technical Information

From 5 to 1000 lt

Vertical or horizontal vessels

Fixed or interchangeable membranes

Up to 10 bar operating pressure

Temperature Tolerance: -10°C to +110°C

Warranty 2 years


Drinking Water Drinking Water
Expansion Systems Expansion Systems
Heating Heating
Fire Extinguish Systems Fire Extinguish Systems
Pumping Stations Pumping Stations


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