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Several years ago, gas was an energy-saving alternative to key fields of the economy, such as the industry, transportation and construction. However, pollution and climate change have led us to find new, environment-friendly energy sources. Natural gas is one of them.

It is a fact that nowadays, more and more businesses and households are turning to the use of this environmentally friendly fuel. This has not occurred by accident. The growth of this market along with the development of distribution networks that continue to expand, have contributed to a significant reduction in equipment costs, making gas an extremely attractive heating option. Also, it is worth noting that the amounts of pollutants are smaller than conventional fuels, while at the same time improving the efficiency reduces overall consumption, further reducing total pollutants. It also leaves no particular residues, as well as sulphur compounds, which are also one of the main causes of air pollution.

Covering the new EU and Directives, all products on offer from K. TZANOS SA are environment-friendly and contribute significantly to the reduction of heating costs.

TORRENT: Cast Iron Boilers

The new generation of the TORRENT cast iron boilers comply with the most recent regulations with regards to the use of oil and gas providing energy saving and high efficiency. The efficiency of a boiler is particularly important for reducing consumption and saving energy. TORRENT boilers are suitable both for new installations and for improving / upgrading existing ones.

The new generation of TORRENT cast iron boilers are available in two types, the Condensing and Eco, Class A and B, and a wide range of models, covering any demand.

TORRENT Condensing

with a range from 20kW to 450kW, comes in four different models, Sun, Galaxy, Matrix & Star.


with a range from 24kW to 1400kW, comes in five different models: Sun, Galaxy, Matrix, Star & Megastar.


TORRENT: Cast Iron Boiler

The new, TORRENT condensing cast iron boiler is a complete and reliable suggestion for a modern boiler room. Its high efficiency and low NOx emissions, comply with the most recent ErP 2015 regulations.

The TORRENT condensing cast iron boiler is built in Greece, with high quality cast iron GG20, according to DIN 1691. boiler elements unique design, as well as the enlarged fins in the combustion chamber, ensure high efficiency and extended lifetime. The entirely made of inox condensing exchanger, designed with two vertical flow passes provides a guaranteed high performance, low NOx emissions and easy maintenance.

Strict quality control applied in every production stage.

This unit contains:

  • Weizer oil burner
  • TORRENT cast iron boiler
  • Boiler insulation
  • Inox condensing exchanger, with two vertical flow passes
  • Control panel
  • Support base


Κ•energy Steel Boilers - Class A

Maximum Efficiency and Silent Operation

K•energy Steel Boilers are made of excellent materials, from 4-12mm steel plates and Mannesmann steel tubes, seamless (tubo) or with an invisible seam. They are three-route exhaust, with a cylindrical combustion chamber, and operate with any oil or gas burner. They ensure efficient heat extraction throughout operation. Pollutants produced are very low, making K•energy Steel boilers an environment-friendly solution.

K•energy steel boilers feature an innovative curve-shaped smoke chamber, which assists in drastic noise reduction.


Savio: Wall-Mounted Condensing Boilers

Benessere da installare

With great experience in boiler manufacturing, Savio focuses on a environment-friendly designing process and energy labelling of the Savio condensing boilers, according to the EU 20-2020.

The new Italian Savio wall-mounted condensing boilers operate according to new standards (Energy Class A, as per ErP), thus complying with all new European directives and regulations.

All Savio products, apart from their environment-friendly properties assisting effectively in the protection of the environment, significantly reduce heating costs for the consumer. Condensing technology takes full advantage of the exhaust gas temperature to preheat the return water. Energy recovery caused by condensing of exhaust water steam leads to reduced gas consumption, lower emissions of harmful substances to the environment and reduced noise.

We offer four models: ACTADENS, INOXDENS HE, EVODENS HE & FuturaDue HP for cascade systems, all providing excellent performance thanks to the new, innovative heat exchanger designed for long-lasting high efficiency. They feature a user-friendly digital panel.