Picture of Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems (chimneys) are availabel in:

Single (I) wall chimneys are produced of INOX AISI 304 stainless steel, of 0.40 mm thickness. They are suitable for fireplaces, chimneys, exhaust and ventilation. The connection is male - female with male downwards and is blocked with a special collar.

Double (II) wall chimneys are manufactured from INOX AISI 304 stainless steel, of 0.40 mm thickness. Internally and externally they are insulated with rockwool insulation with a thickness of 25 mm (thermal resistance 0,35m2K/W.

Κ•energy Exhaust Systems for Wall Mounted Units: The wide range of Κ•energy products also include chimneys for Wall Mounted Units with diameters from Ø 60 to Ø 100. Accessories such as Hats, End Pieces, Air Separation Adapters, Collar Connection Pieces and Support Pieces are available as well.

Exhaust System Accessories: Our range proposes a complete series of INOX accessories (AISI 304, thickness 0.40mm) for Single (I) and Double (II) Exhaust Systems for Wall-Mounted Units. These include Chimney support pieces, Angles, Bends, Hats, Adaptors and Reducers, Air Separation Adapters and Fuel Detector Units with or without Thermometer.