Environmental Sustainability

Constant change is a characteristic of the planet we live in. Life on Earth, the climate, the atmosphere, the land and oceans are constantly changing. As these changes take place at an unprecedented rate, nowadays, it has become necessary to consciously and responsibly interact with the Earth. Healthy ecosystems provide vital goods to humans and every living organism. However, if we want to ensure sustainability, the natural environment must maintain its functionality.

The energy demands of our culture are constantly growing, burdening the climate, disturbing at the same time the balance of the ecosystem. The way we produce and consume has caused problems such as pollution, depletion of natural resources and global warming. Therefore, if we want to leave sufficient natural resources for the generations to come, we must change the methods of production and consumption that we use.

Nowadays, our knowledge and ecological consciousness have improved compared to the past, making clear the perception that economy, growth and the environment are inseparable. However, natural resources are not inexhaustible and we should let them be renewed. At TZANOS GROUP, responding to the needs of a cleaner and more energy efficient progress, with respect for the environment and an emphasis on sustainability, we are constantly discovering ways to improve production, using resources in the most efficient way. Aiming to develop our activities in perfect harmony with the ecosystem and knowing that energy resources are not inexhaustible, we use environmentally friendly practices both on a personal and collective level. We take into account the ecological conscience of our suppliers and partners and we inform and promote awareness in our staff on environmental issues by adopting practices such as recycling of packaging materials, plastic, paper and other materials.