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Drainage Pipe System

At K. TZANOS SA we offer you complete drainage systems, suitable for any building application. In collaboration with some of the leading companies in the field, all our drainage systems are extremely easy to install and resistant to chemicals, thus ensuring maximum usability and protection of the environment from possible pollution

OSTENDORF Drainage System

Top German quality - excellent chemical resistance and high mechanical strength

Ostendorf has been one of the leading drainage system manufacturers for over 40 years. All its products, made in Germany, are fully certified, distributed internationally and stand out for their quality and high chemical resistance as well as mechanical strength.

Ostendorf offers a wide range of pipes, tees, elbows, couplings, plugs, HTM end caps, increasers, connection and flow control fittings and rubber rings, all necessary for any professional and a complete installation.


Siphon - Grills - Basin Couplers

GVS siphons are manufactured in Greece from high quality PVC and PP. The range includes options with 3, 4 inlets, as well as terrace-balcony siphons. They are combined with a wide range of stainless steel grills, fixed or rotating, in round and square shapes.

Plastic basin couplers are also available, for any application.


H-IT Washing Machine Hoses

High quality - Italian design

Spiral water drain hoses and accessories suitable for washing machines and dishwashers.

Washing machine inlets

Washing machine outlets

Curved hooks

Washing machine outlet siphons

Siphon extensions with wahing machine outlet


H-IT Sink and Basin Siphons

High quality - Italian design

Stable and flexible sink and basin siphons

Plastic sink siphons

Sink siphon with plastic nut

Plastic basin siphon

Plastic basin siphon with metal nut

Basin piphon chrome with plastic nut


H-IT Basin and Shower Valves

High quality - Italian design

Full range of sink, basin and shower valves

Plastic sink valves

Click-Clack sink valves

Metal sink valves with grill

Sink valves with overflow

Shower valves

Basin valves


H-IT Flush Valves

H-IT Single & Dual Flush Valves are highly reliable as they can be applied to almost all tanks, due to flexible adjustment system provided by specially designed buttons. Manufactured from excellent quality materials, H-IT valves guarantee a long service time. They also feature water flow regulator.

All flush valves feature a button, stainless steel bolts and plastic key. Single or dual flow button and cable spare parts are available as well.


H-IT Float Valves

Made from high quality materials for high resistance to operating pressure from 0.2 to 16 bar, H-IT Float Valves are the most reliable solution.