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When man wanted to warm himself, he used materials that existed in nature, mainly wood and later coal. Nowadays, it seems that there is a turn toward this again. When speaking about heating and biomass, we mean what is of organic origin. Practically, the term biomass includes any material deriving directly or indirectly from plant ecosystems, such as forests, but also from energy crops, i.e. plants grown for the purpose of biomass production and which can be used as fuel for energy production

We could say that biomass is an inexhaustible and an environment-friendly source of energy, which can significantly contribute to energy efficiency by replacing the constantly depleting fossil fuel reserves. Some of the advantages of using biomass as a heating system are, among others, its zero carbon dioxide balance and the reduction of sulphur dioxide emissions (biomass is sulphur free). It is also an affordable solution, which is established in the heating market.

K. TZANOS SA distributes to the Greek market solid fuel steel boilers. Manufactured in Greece, the product range features three (3) models: Torrent Phoenix, Leo and Draco.

TORRENT: Solid Fuel Boilers

Low cost heating and high efficienct

TORRENT Solid Fuel Boilers are suitable for biomass use. High quality manufacturing and smart design offer maximum efficiency as well easy operation and maintenance. The TORRENT solid fuel boiler series includes wood-coal boilers, cast iron and steel boilers, as well as boilers with silo for pellets, shells, core, etc.