Picture of Bänninger >B< Oyster

Bänninger >B< Oyster

>B< Oyster is an innovative fitting used to connect and seal pipes, also providing the ability to connect to various types of fittings such as spherical taps. Its innovation is that the sealing is achieved through the double EPDM O-Rings that simultaneously achieve pipe sealing as well as sealing of the joints between the fittings, without the need for additional sealing method, such as Teflon tape. The >B< Oyster Fittings are available from Ø15mm to Ø28mm.


  • Dual waterproofing innovation: no need to use a torch or Teflon tape (PTFE tape).
  • WRAS approval and manufacturing according to EN ISO 9002
  • Certification of fittings according to EN 1057. Compatible with copper and stainless steel pipe.
  • The only tools needed to install it are the's B

Technical Information

Diameter from Ø15mm to Ø28mm

Max. Operation Pressure up to 16 bar

Temperature from -30°C to +95°C


Heating Heating
Plumbing & Water Supply Systems Plumbing & Water Supply Systems
Drinking Water Systems Drinking Water Systems
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Cooling Cooling


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