Picture of Κ•energy Steel Boilers - Class A

Κ•energy Steel Boilers - Class A

Maximum Efficiency and Silent Operation

K•energy Steel Boilers are made of excellent materials, from 4-12mm steel plates and Mannesmann steel tubes, seamless (tubo) or with an invisible seam. They are three-route exhaust, with a cylindrical combustion chamber, and operate with any oil or gas burner. They ensure efficient heat extraction throughout operation. Pollutants produced are very low, making K•energy Steel boilers an environment-friendly solution.

K•energy steel boilers feature an innovative curve-shaped smoke chamber, which assists in drastic noise reduction.


  • High level of efficiency, Class A
  • Silent operation mode due to enhanced insulation
  • Environment-protection thanks to perfect combustion
  • ErP certified
  • Easy installation to boiler room
  • Simple burner installation
  • Easy control and operation from control panel
  • Easy exhaust system connection due to rotating rear door
  • Easy cleaning due to front and rear door opening
  • Long lifespan

Technical Information

K-Energy Stainless Steel (INOX 316L) heat exchangers feature a 15 cm – 80 cm adjustable seat, Inox II Wall Tee & Cleaning Cap

Boilers are available from 30,000 Kcal / h to 1,000,000 Kcal / h calories

The control panel includes On-Off Switch, Thermometer, Burner and Circulator Thermostat, Safety Thermostat

The boiler comes with a 10-year warranty. The warranty on the exchanger is 3 years


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