Picture of Κ•energy Fully Equipped Heating Units

Κ•energy Fully Equipped Heating Units

The Fully Equipped Heating Units are a complete boiler room, providing solutions in limited spaces with a need of 30,000 Kcal/h.

They are manufactured from excellent materials, from 4mm steel sheets and Mannesmann steel pipe, without seam or with invisible seam. Available only for replacement.

K•energy fully equipped unit includes:

Steel boiler with 4 mm sheet and mannesmann steel pipes

Complete control panel

Weizer fuel oil burner of German technology

3-level circulation pump

Expansion tank

Safety valve

Air vent adaptor

A 50 mm-thermal glass-wool insulation


  • High manufacturing quality
  • Silent operation mode due to enhanced insulation
  • Flexible exhaust system connection
  • Simple anf fast installation in boiler room
  • Easy cleaning

Technical Information

Max. allowable operating temperature: +90°C

Max. allowable operating pressure: 3 bar

Pressure test: 5 bar

Prototype pressure test: 6 bar