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Κ•energy Boilers

Constant and fast hot water supply anytime!

Suitable for heating as well as for domestic hot water (DHW) production and storage, K·energy boilers are manufactured entirely in Greece. They can be connected to boilers, biomass systems, heat pumps and solar systems. Available in a wide range of models from 150lt to 5000lt


  • Environment-friendly polyurethane insulation 52 kg / m³, 55mm - 100mm thickness according to DIN 53420
  • 10 bar max. working pressure
  • Antibacterial
  • High quality liquid enamel coating (Glass-Enamel)
  • CE certification and production according to ISO 9001, robotic manufacturing
  • Meet the German Specifications according to DIN 4753-3
  • Made entirely in Greece
  • They feature a cleaning kit
  • Functional space-saving design
  • Long service life
  • Constant and immediate domestic hot water (DHW)
  • Modern coating of grey PVC leatherette.
  • Τwo (2) magnesium anodes and two (2) cleaning flanges are included
  • Written guarantee of five (5) years to the boiler.

I, II & III Energy Boilers

Κ•energy I, II & III Energy boilers are suitable for heating, as well as for production & storage of Hot Water for domestic use (DHW). They are CE certified and manufactured according to European Standards. Available in a full range from 150lt to 5000lt. They feature two (2) high performance spiral heat exchangers of large surface, which, depending on the installation requirements, it is possible to connect to solar panels, burners (oil, pellet, wood, gas, etc.), boiler buffer and to closed-circuit hot water systems. The tank has slots for temperature, thermometer, and electrical resistance sensors.


Κ•energy II & III Energy Boilers for heating pump and solar energy

They feature one (1) or two (2) high performance spiral metal exchangers of large surface, thus it is possible to use simultaneously three (3) energy sources (solar energy, heating pump, electricity). Available in full range from 200lt to 1000lt.


Κ•energyTank in tank I, II & III Energy Boilers with Two Exchangers

This is the ideal combination of a DHW Accumulator Tank with the simultaneous use of three (3) energy sources. Available in full range from 500lt to 2000lt. They feature one (1) or two (2) high performance spiral heat exchangers of large surface, which can be connected to solar panels, boiler room, biomass, and pump heating systems. The immersion tank is large in capacity and can host an electrical part. It offers strong anti-corrosion protection from liquid enamel heated to 850°C to DIN 4753.


Κ•energy Energy Buffers

Κ•energy energy buffers are available with a capacity from 80 to 5000 lt. They come also in II & III Energy with 1 and 2 Exchangers respectively. The maximum operating pressure is 6 bar.


Cordivari Boilers with 1 INOX Heat Exchanger

CORDIVARI boilers feature patented Polywarm polymer coating, for maximum tolerance to high temperature and corrosion, thus ensuring 100% human health. The copper U-type heat exchangers with the lower split at a 45° angle, prevent any development of the legionella germ.

Also, the boilers have high quality welds, ensuring absolute contact at the joints (EN ISO 2406/96, EN 248/89). Externally, they are lined with polyurethane insulation, 50mm thick.



Hot water for domestic use Hot water for domestic use
Hotels Hotels
Swimming polls Swimming polls
Indoor heating Indoor heating
Industrial Use Industrial Use
Renewable Energy Sources Renewable Energy Sources


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