Hundreds of products, dozens of cooperating agencies, 3 firms, one group, one signature. With offices and warehouses all around Athens, Thessaloniki and Barcelona, a plant in Ritsona, a joint venture in Italy, with operations in import, export and production, TZANOS GROUP covers your every need in the fields of heating, plumbing, insulation and green energy. Tzanos Group consists of 3 companies


TZANOS S.A was founded in 1982 and specializes in importing, exporting and producing heating, plumbing and insulation material.In 1985, a 2500 m² privately owned building was constructed in Metamorphosis, Attica. Its continuous growing course both in Northern and Southern Greece led to the extension of the Metamorphosis building in 1994, while in 1997 a branch was set up in Northern Greece. Today, the company’s headquarters are located in privately owned spaces (8000 m² plot and 8950 m² building) in Metamorphosis,Attica and (7500 m² and 2500 m² respectively) in Ionia Thessalonica, N. Greece branch.
The company's growth has reached the number of 50 employees while, the of adjoining associates  are playing a very significant role to the distribution and promotion of the company’s products in distinct regions of Greece (Peloponnese, Ionian and Aegean islands, etc.).
The company represents exclusively (in Greece) renowned large international manufacturers such as Banninger, Saint Roch Couvin, Cordivari, Quinn-Veha, Ostendorf but also a company that belongs to "TZANOS" group of companies, 3i (International Innovative Industries S.A.) that produces the insulation material ISOPIPE and the cast iron boilers TORRENT.
The products that K. TZANOS S.A. represents, comply with all the international standards, technical specifications and relevant certifications.



3i International Innovative Industries SA
3i is one of the leading companies in the field of insulation and heating and one of the few manufacturers in the world that produces its own rubber mixture for closed cell elastomeric insulation. The company is active in the international market for 16 years and exports to over 40 countries worldwide.

3i has its HQ offices and warehouses in Athens Greece, in an owned building of 10.000 m2 . It also has offices and warehouses in Thessaloniki (owned building of 3.000 m2) in the Northern part of Greece. Since 2009 Isopipe Iberica S.L., which is the subsidiary of 3i in Spain, was founded, having offices and warehouses in Barcelona.  Production of all 3i products takes place in a fully automated production unit that is located in Ritsona area in Greece, with its industrial premises covering more than 27.000 m2.
Isopipe is a new generation of high performance insulation. The closed cell elastomeric rubber insulation is a lasting solution. It has outstanding thermal protection and because of this its surface is absolute condensation resistant. In the year 2000, ISOPIPE insulation was awarded by the European Business Organization, due to its excellent quality and in 2012 acquired the CE mark. 3i also holds a protected patent for Innovative Product Design for the ISOPIPE UV protection and has all the legitimate certifications that are listed in a complete book of certificates. It has four(4) lines of products, three(3) protection types, eight(8) different application types and all the necessary accessories in order to offer complete solutions for your every need. Torrent is a complete series of oil & gas boilers that offer maximum energy efficiency, with four specially designed cast iron elements and available in five different models. Those high performance boilers have a range from 25KW to 1400KW or 21.686Kcal to 1.203.783Kcal! That means that there is a product for every need, whether it is a small house, an apartments building or a hospital and a school.


HIT is an Italian-Greek joint venture with Hilang which was set up in 2008. Its HQ offices are located in Italy and the company produces in exclusive partnership with specialized factories, high quality products for plumbing and heating at competitive prices . All fittings of HIT, member of TZANOS GROUP, are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000, meet European norms and EN DIN standards . The method of their production and strict factory test, ensure the quality, strength and durability of the products at competitive prices.

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